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37 Types of Popups to Use on Your Website (the Ultimate Guide)

Link: https://optinmonster.com/types-of-popups-for-your-site/

FREEReady to kick-off the holiday season with Black Friday? Check out this list of the best Balck Friday marketing tools. 37) Onsite Follow Up® Onsite Follow Up® popups are incredible. They take into account how users are interacting with your website to show other popups at a later time. The benefits of this are huge. ... See Details

Created: 2 days ago

How to Add Age Verification to Websites in Under 10 Minutes

Link: https://optinmonster.com/how-to-add-age-verification-to-websites/

FREEMany businesses add website age verification popups for both moral and legal reasons. With an age verification popup, you can cover your bases to avoid fines or penalties if minors are caught making fraudulent purchases on your site. ... See Details

Created: 2 days ago

10 Work From Home Tips You Need to Be Super Productive

Link: https://optinmonster.com/work-from-home-tips/

FREERemember not to take your eyes off the prize. Your goal is to grow your business, no matter where you’re working. And for that, OptinMonster is here to help. OptinMonster is the world’s #1 conversion optimization toolkit on the market. We don’t simply help you get more emails like other lead generators. ... See Details

Created: 3 days ago

7 Best Discount Wheel Popup Plugins to Boost Conversions

Link: https://optinmonster.com/discount-wheel-popups/

20% offAll subscriptions are 20% off if you pay for the year upfront. Putting a Spin on Your Marketing Campaign. Now that we’ve covered each product, you’re probably wondering which one to buy. Well, every company is different. We recommend looking at your own goals and business objectives beforehand. ... See Details

Created: 2 days ago

Online Shopping Statistics You Need to Know in 2020

Link: https://optinmonster.com/online-shopping-statistics/

FREEThe majority of shopping happens online rather than offline (51 million). As you can imagine, heading to a store on Black Friday could be a recipe for disaster. That’s why 50% of people stay at home and browse on their devices. On Cyber Monday, 53% of purchases came from a mobile device. ... See Details

Created: 2 days ago

How to Disable or Enable Conversion Summary Emails

Link: https://optinmonster.com/docs/how-to-disable-or-enable-conversion-summary-emails/

FREEOn the next page, scroll down to and select Advanced Settings.This will open additional settings, the first being where you can either enable or disable the Conversion Summary Reports that are emailed on a weekly basis.Check this box to receive the weekly emails, or uncheck the box to disable the emails. ... See Details

Created: 4 days ago

How to Disable the Powered by OptinMonster Link

Link: https://optinmonster.com/docs/how-to-disable-the-powered-by-optinmonster-link/

FREEScroll down to the Display Powered By Link option and toggle it to disable branding. ... See Details

Created: 6 days ago

To Allow Blog Comments or Not? Here’s What the Data Shows

Link: https://optinmonster.com/to-allow-blog-comments-or-not-heres-what-the-data-shows/

FREEBut humans make quick judgments off of context clues – we just can’t help it. And comments may be an important part of showing your expert-status. Reply. Nathan Thompson April 14, 2020 at 5:05 am. Hey Meghan, thanks for taking the time to write! Totally agree. A blog with lots of comments can totally improve a blog’s perception and ... See Details

Created: 6 days ago

Off-Page SEO Activity: What It Is and How to Use It

Link: https://optinmonster.com/off-page-seo/

FREEOff-page SEO refers to all the things you can do outside of your website to help you improve SERP position: link building, forums, influencer outreach, and content marketing, to name a few. In laymen terms, off-page SEO helps search engines understand what others think about your product, services, or website. Even having just a few links from ... See Details

Created: 2 days ago

22 Stunning Sales Promotion Examples to Win More Customers

Link: https://optinmonster.com/sales-promotion-examples/

FREEThe text is slightly bigger to stand out, and the arrow at the start subtly directs visitors’ gaze to the offer. The call to action (CTA) button includes both an action and urgency, and mirrors the color in the menu bar. ... See Details

Created: 3 days ago

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